Transform any space into fabulous.

Add flair and function, durability and energy efficiency or even additional or revised space.

A little imagination and some guidance from a dedicated custom builder and remodeler can help transform your home into fabulous too.

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Just imagine….The Houston home remodeling process does not have to be overwhelming. When you coordinate your plans with Hann Builders, you will have the peace of mind knowing thoughtful and proactive planning are energetically undertaken to ensure each home remodeling project is delivered with Hann Builder high standards for excellence.

Before making the decision to remodel or add space to your home, there are several factors to consider. Most owners (and buyers) regard the kitchen and bath as the most essential rooms in a home. Because of their importance for day to day living as well as for resale value, these areas should be welcoming and comfortable yet also be functional and efficient.

Establishing your Houston home remodeling design needs and aesthetic as well as budgetary goals will be the first priority. To simplify the process after these decisions are made, here are some helpful tips to follow:

  1. Look carefully at the space. What are the major objectives for your home renovation? Is it simply to update the finishes? Increase the living area? Reconfigure the floor plan or improve energy efficiencies? It is important to think about both the short and long term effects as well. Does universal design need to be incorporated in preparation for aging in place? What about resale value? Will your decisions positively or negatively impact the market value if your home needs to be sold?
  2. Observe your space. Determine your daily routine for the space and evaluate what works well and what needs to be improved. Make detailed notes to ensure your new designs address any obstacles that detract from the functionality as well as include the new features that are important to everyone in the family. It is also a good idea to rate the items on your list as to what you want to change most and what you can live with or update later. Ask a professional like Hann Builders to visit your home to offer input and value engineering suggestions
  3. Gather ideas. Start an idea binder or file and collect anything that inspires you. Save pictures from magazines or from model homes you have visited. Also visit design centers and supplier show rooms to collect selection samples and get an idea of products you are interested in. This process will help determine the direction of the new design and be a reference point as your plans and budget are developed for your home remodelling or renovation project.
  4. Confirm the budget. Now that you are getting an idea of your new design and product selection, it is best to revisit your budget to determine if you are still on track. Hann Builders is able to give you a solid preliminary price based on a preliminary design and specifications. As the plans and specifications are further detailed, the price for your home remodeling project is refined as well.
  5. Find a qualified Houston home remodeler. Hann Builders is more than a Houston custom home builder. As you might imagine, not just any contractor can work in an occupied home with raving reviews….but Hann Builders does…on a regular basis. Stephen holds his certification as Graduate Master Remodeler and Hann Builders has earned numerous awards for their craftsmanship and excellence in home remodeling. We are happy for you to check our references!

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