Find the Leading New Construction Home Builders in Houston and Nearby Areas

  • Feb 17, 2020

Ensuring your home is built to the highest standards and that you won’t have any major repairs to deal with soon after moving in comes down to the custom builder you are interested in working with. Speaking with past clients to see how satisfied they are with their home and how the builder dealt with any changes or repairs is a major way to get a lot of good insight. You have to trust and know the builder.

You should have a good relationship with the builder. Good builders will always answer every question you have and assure you every step of the way. Some of the things to check to help ensure your new home is built to the highest standards include:

Plumbing: Toilets should be flushed to make sure they work suitably. Run a stress test by running the shower and faucet and then flush the toilet to be sure the system can handle it. Find out if there are any leaks or issues when conducting a stress test.

Outdoor Areas: Make sure the grading is sloped away from the home so that storm water flows away from it.

Electrical: Check if all the outlets work and make sure there are no visible or exposed wiring that looks odd or messy.

Basement and attic: Make sure the basement and attic are neat and cleared of debris. Other things to check are if the wiring is neat, if there’s proper insulation in the attic, and if the ductwork is appropriately sealed.

What could be more satisfying than living in a well-built custom home? At Hann Builders, our entire focus is making sure you get to that moment without any of the construction stress.

As one of Houston’s premiere custom home builders, Hann Builders specialize in building custom homes and high-end home remodeling, along with fostering strong, lasting relationships, resulting in exceptionally rewarding building experiences. In order to bring our clients’ visions to life, we have perfected a process that has been the key to our success in creating amazing custom homes and happy homeowners.

Hann Builders, full-service new construction home builders Houston, TX that has been in the business of building custom homes since 1993 and has perfected the process and skill.

The company was founded by Stephen Hann, who has established a reputation as one of the premier high-end home builders and renovators in Houston and the surrounding areas of Montgomery and Fort Bend counties. Has been winning prestigious industry awards and constructing some of the finest homes in the Houston area. Hann Builders is a proud member of the Greater Houston Builders Association, the Texas Association of Builders, and the National Association of Home Builders.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]