Biggest Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Nov 17, 2022

A kitchen is the focal point of a home. And since it is among the most used rooms in a house, keeping it in great shape is highly important. If you want to improve its functionality and aesthetics, it might make sense to embark on the kitchen remodeling journey. However, kitchen renovations involve more than just knocking down walls and installing shiny new appliances. A thorough strategy before redesigning the area is essential because doing so could not only take up much of your time but could also ruin your finances! Planning is vital since you can’t afford to rush through this project and make significant mistakes that will set you back. To help you streamline the whole process, we will discuss the biggest kitchen renovation mistakes you should avoid. For a good outcome, stay clear of these!

Creating a Dysfunctional Kitchen

Although aesthetics certainly matter, it’s functionality that is the most important. The question of functionality will largely depend on the kitchen’s size and arrangement. When planning the layout, it’s essential to think about a variety of things, including door size and placement, available space, appliances, and cabinets. There’s hardly anything worse than ending up with a cramped-looking kitchen because you failed to account for these things.

Furthermore, don’t forget to talk to plumbing experts during your renovation. It may be necessary to reposition plumbing to accommodate the relocation of appliances and fixtures. After all, once the project is complete, the last thing you will want to do is to bring in maintenance specialists to fix all the mistakes you neglected. Pipes are expensive to reroute, so it’s best to get them set up correctly the first time. Also, if you plan on relocating any sinks, it is highly recommended that you speak with a professional during the planning phase.


A plumber adjusting pipes
When it comes to plumbing, it’s recommended you seek professional assistance

Making Impulse Decisions

Impulse decisions are ranked high on the list of the most prominent kitchen renovation mistakes you should avoid. Chances are, while browsing through kitchen materials in the showroom, and you stumbled upon a few particularly striking ones. However, be warned that even if something looks appealing, it will still be an excellent addition to your kitchen. When deciding on the flooring, countertops, etc., remember to take a few samples home before splurging on them. That way, you should see whether they blend in or if it’s time to continue your search.

Overthrowing the Existing Work

We all know how complicated and drawn-out renovations can get. When planning a kitchen or house remodel in general, you must stick to the timeline. You don’t want the project to take longer than expected as it will, above all, cause money loss, but it might also cause additional problems down the line.

Some things may look like they could be better during a renovation process. They could appear entirely out of whack, which could tempt you to abandon works or completely overthrow the existing ones. However, it’s important to note that making changes on the go is never a good idea. You should stick to the original plan, put your trust in the best remodeling experts, and regardless of how things might appear at the moment, surely everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

Overwhelming the Small Space

For kitchens that are tight on space, islands are only a nuisance. In that case, a tiny peninsula would be a better option. Every inch of counter and cabinet space in the kitchen counts, so avoid cramming in unnecessary appliances. Also, try several layouts to see what works best with your available space to prevent yourself from making a renovation mistake.

Wasting Space

Just like cramming everything into a small space is considered one of the biggest kitchen renovation mistakes you should avoid, so is wasting space. Now, how come? Aren’t spacious and straightforward kitchen designs considered the most luxurious? Yes, however, there is a moment when spacious becomes too big.

The kitchen’s size should be such that those prepping food don’t have to travel far to get the ingredients they need to produce a tasty meal. While the kitchen shouldn’t be too tight, it also shouldn’t have much ”dead space”. Planning is essential to ensure that the whole area functions well and everything is easily accessible.

However, if you want to make room, know that you don’t have to demolish everything – no walls have to be torn down! Kitchens benefit significantly from the use of light and airy colors. For example, you can paint the shelves and the island a contrasting color if you want to spice things up.


A big kitchen with a plethora of unused space serves as a visual representation of the kitchen renovation mistakes you should avoid
Avoid wasting space when renovating your kitchen


Narrow Aisles

Struggles arise when navigating narrow aisles in a kitchen. With two people working in such a small space, collisions are inevitable. Therefore, the kitchen aisles must be spacious enough to allow for more than one person at a time and multiple appliances. It’s recommended that kitchen aisles be at least 42 inches wide. That’s how much room you need between your stove, fridge, and wall or island. All in all, it’s crucial to plan the kitchen’s layout with efficiency in mind.

Not Accounting for Storage

If you want your kitchen renovation to turn out properly, you need to stick to a good storage strategy. Developing such a strategy with construction underway is certainly not a good idea. That means you’ll need to devise a storage plan before the work starts. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d be better off with closed cabinets, open shelving, or a hybrid of the two.


A shelf with spices above the sink
Open shelving is one of the storage options for your kitchen

Additional Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

The list of kitchen renovation mistakes you should avoid doesn’t end here. Some common ones included painting your cabinets, looking to save money on materials, and ignoring the so-called ”kitchen triangle”. Nevertheless, we trust that by learning of the biggest oversights, you’ll finally realize that much thought and planning should go into the remodeling project. Feel discouraged already? Well, don’t be! Once you’ve come out of the process and come out a winner. Nonetheless, we’re sure you’ll feel glad you stuck through it.