4 Luxury Living Room Design Ideas Worth Stealing!

  • Nov 06, 2023

Neither are you willing to give up on your old, outdated family home, nor are the skyrocketing property rates letting you think otherwise. So, now all you do is search luxury rooms on YouTube and daydream of living in one. 

While it’s understandable not to have a stash of cash waiting to be spent on a royal home with a breathtaking living room, but let’s be honest: a little money spent on luxury room remodeling services wouldn’t hurt! Even with a limited budget, the least we can do is steal the design ideas from the rich and apply them to your living room. Who wouldn’t love to transform a historic-looking home into a luxurious one with less money and space? 


Here are the 4 luxury living room design ideas worth stealing: 

  • Keep it minimalistic 

Minimalism is the new trend! Modern minimal renovation idea typically involves a combination of clean lines and a uniform color scheme. Creating a living room with a running color scheme across the walls, the furniture, the light and the paintings create clean lines. 

The key idea for creating an interesting minimalist living room is to include a standout focal point. This could be a unique sofa, a piece of art, or some eye-catching decor, all of which should be balanced with other simple elements in the room. Minimalist living rooms embrace open spaces and use them to create a more striking and stylish atmosphere.

  • A modern bohemian decor

The wonderful thing about bohemian-style decor is that you have the freedom to use a lot of colors and decorations, or you can keep it simple with just a touch of flair. Bohemian decor often combines various textures, especially those with ethnic influences. 

Feel free to be daring with your choice of paintings and artwork because the bohemian style encourages creativity. If you enjoy showcasing a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, this modern living room idea is perfect for you.


Rustic never goes out of trend!

Rustic living rooms add a trendy touch to environmentally friendly living by letting you repurpose beloved family items. When you’re planning a contemporary rustic living room, it’s essential to focus on wooden elements, a calm color scheme, comfortable furnishings, and soft fabrics. Combine these with a few modern pieces, and you’ll create a charming rustic space with a modern twist.

  • Tropical theme for a pop of color

The trend of millennial living has made its way into interior decor, and it’s not just millennials who are getting into tropical-themed designs; people of all ages are embracing them. Creating this style is relatively easy. Opt for furniture and rugs in solid colors, ideally in soft shades like peach, cream, and beige.

Choose plush, luxurious rug textures that exude comfort and pair them with leafy patterns. For an extra touch of boldness, consider having one accent wall covered in these leafy prints. To add a bit of excitement, incorporate neon-colored elements like the wall-mounted light fixtures.


If you find these ideas appealing and wish to turn them into reality in your own home or create your ideal living space, begin a project with Hann Builders luxury room remodeling services. You’ll gain unlimited access to a skilled online interior design team that can lead you toward achieving your dream room design.