5 Benefits of Design and Build Services

  • Sep 15, 2021

Design-build is the fastest-developing and most popular construction project delivery method in the US. Don’t take our word for it – one could easily find proof upon exploring the benefits of design and build services. And the benefits are numerous. According to the CII/Pankow research team, it continues to out-perform other delivery systems in delivery speed, schedule, cost, construction, and growth measures. Let’s have a look at it.

What is the design/build system?

In the past, project owners had to employ key players in the construction project separately. This was ultimately deemed pretty ineffective and costly. However, experts in the field were able to come up with a much more efficient system. The new delivery system relies on a single point of responsibility contract. This minimizes risk for the project owner and reduces the delivery timeframe by overlapping two phases of the project – the design phase and the construction phase. The name of this method is Design-Build. So, if you are ready to make some changes to your Huston home, make sure to explore the benefits of design and build services before you set out to find a design/build firm that serves your area.


#1 Better communication and teamwork

Remodels are complex. They involve many components and details that need to be thought about, agreed on, managed, and executed. If anything goes awry, it can undermine the entire construction project, or at least cause some delays. For this reason, it’s much more effective when a single entity handles everything. Firstly, the teams know how the other one works, have learned to function together, and feel more comfortable working with one another. Moreover, there’s a shared vision, and all parties work towards one common goal. All of this allows for clear and honest communication and purposeful collaboration. Since everything takes place under the same roof, they can discuss project matters instantaneously. Thus:

  • the chances of communication breakdowns are next to zero;
  • any issues can be quickly solved;
  • the project is more likely to be completed according to the schedule.

#2 Custom projects

Design-bid-build might work best for businesses that are merely after prototypical designs. For instance, when talking about retail stores, various branches of the same retailer have the same design. Therefore, if the company decides to expand to a new location, there would be no need for the designer to develop something new. The business owner would only need to find builders to bid for the project. On the other hand, the advantages of working with a Design and Build company include their ability to produce unique, customized projects instead of your prototypical replications.


#3 A single point of contact

It’s so much less hassle for a property owner to have a single point of contact. And that’s the beauty of the design and build project delivery method. Namely, the owner communicates their vision, goals, financial realities, as well as present and future needs to a single design-build entity. With all the key information in mind, all key project team members get together in order to create a design that will turn the client’s vision into reality within their budget and time constraints. Then, they report back to the owner, presenting a clear idea of a cost-plan and schedule early on.

#4 Expertise in both fields

Design-build firms provide both design and construction services. This means that top-notch designers and project managers work together, thus letting the company achieve the best of both worlds. Clients benefit from working with two sets of experts who know how to work in sync and get the best of one another. This methodology is not only known to reduce errors but also to result in faster project delivery, lower costs, and a higher degree of customization. In addition, owners are more likely to get an accurate estimate of how long the project will take and how much it will cost. Unlike construction and design companies who work separately, joint teams that offer expertise in both disciplines understand best how the other works. Thus, when handing you estimates, more accuracy is a guarantee.

#5 Time and cost savings

Time savings

One of the most significant benefits of design and build services is the quicker turnaround of the project. As both designer and the builder are working in the same team, tons of timelines that need to coordinate in lockstep are much easier to manage. Secondly, the whole team will be working flat out to arrive at important decisions in case an issue occurs. Additionally, the decision-making is much faster, and efficiency is higher, with all key players focusing on a common goal.

If it’s a new home you are remodeling, you probably can’t wait to move in. Therefore, faster project delivery is a huge benefit. Furthermore, the efficiency of one group of key players working together as a team will give you peace of mind, knowing that your project is in good hands. This will allow you to focus on your own busy schedule and everything moving-related.

Relocation can be a time-intensive process. There’s a lot you need to do, like packing, contacting your bank and the postal office, changing your address, transferring utilities, medical records, your children’s school records, etc. This will involve a lot of legwork, time, and paperwork. Luckily, you’ll be able to deal with the paperwork once you settle into your new, beautiful home.

Cost savings

Finally, any major decisions can be reevaluated without change orders and additional fees. The traditional construction delivery method charges if any plans change during the construction. This, however, does not hold in design-build. This brings us to our next point and the ultimate benefit – savings.

When the design and construction teams are working under a single contract, clients receive the same amount of work they’d get with hiring two separate teams. The cost, however, is significantly lower since homeowners can avoid any additional fees for professionals. To put it simply, if project owners decide to take advantage of the benefits of build and design services, they could end up saving some money on the project cost.


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