How To Renovate A Home From Afar: A Beginner’s Guide

  • Oct 27, 2021
House blueprints next to a drill and screws, representing how to renovate a home from afar

After purchasing a home in a different city or a state, you might want to do some renovations before you move in. Long-distance relocation is a challenging process on its own, so you should not really attempt to do it unless your new home is ready for move-in. However, it is not that easy to oversee the renovation process unless you are physically there. To renovate a home from afar, you need to know what you are getting into. With that in mind, here is a beginner’s guide that should teach you all the crucial steps!

Work with a verified construction company

If you cannot be present while the renovations take place, it is crucial to hire people you can trust. Depending on the size of the project, you might need to hire more people, like a plumber, an electrician, an interior designer, a painter, etc. You can also look for a licensed construction company because they often have people who do all the work you need or at least know who to call. This is always the cheaper option than hiring an individual for each section of the job. This is a common solution, especially if you bought land and wish to hire a home building company.

How to know who to hire

There are many different factors that define a trustworthy construction company:

  • transparency in communication;
  • good price-to-quality ratio;
  • a variety of services to choose from;
  • reasonable deadlines;

It is always best to compare companies before you find someone you are satisfied with. They should also be able to give you advice on how to approach renovation, what is a good idea, and what changes you should avoid.

Do not decide solely based on the cost

Even if you are on a budget, do not hire the cheapest company you find. If you try to save money on paying less for mediocre service, you are only working against your best interest. Hiring someone who will do a poor job means that you will have to spend more money to fix any mistakes they made. You will end up paying more than you would pay if you hired a quality company from the start.

Request a full renovation schedule before the start

Never hire someone and let them do the work without knowing how much everything will cost in the end. Always ask for the estimates that include both the materials and how much they charge for the job.

Furthermore, ask your contractor to create a complete plan of the project and walk you through it before they start the remodel. This way, you will be familiar with all the changes and the total cost. It is also a good idea to ask if there will be any changes in the price due to unpredictable circumstances. They should be able to tell from experience how these projects usually turn out.

Tracking the project

Even if you find someone you can trust when renovating a home from afar, it is still crucial to find a way to track the progress. Ask for the timeline and project milestones. That way, you can call and ask if the renovation is still on schedule or if there are any delays. Keep in mind that delays might create additional expenses.

The timeline of the project is crucial for your relocation

If you are planning your long-distance relocation at the same time, that is another reason why you want to know if there are any renovation delays. Try to avoid the situation where you are ready to move, but the remodel is not done yet. That can also create additional moving expenses.

To create a safety net, be specific when choosing your long-distance movers in Texas. While movers can take the stress out of your relocation and make it as simple as possible, you still want to avoid any unpleasant situations. Let them know that your new home is currently undergoing a renovation process. Ask them what will happen if the renovations are not done yet, and how difficult it is to reschedule the renovation.

Let’s talk about the budget

One of the most crucial topics of discussion is the budget. If you just bought your home and have a mortgage to pay and cover the relocation expenses plus the remodeling costs, your wallet will quickly become empty.

When you start planning what renovations to do, consider two different approaches:

  • come up with the list of renovations you have to do, no matter what the cost is;
  • decide on a budget, and see what renovations you can do without overspending;

You can also create a separate list of renovations that you might do if you have more money at your disposal. Be precise because the remodel can quickly get out of hand, especially if you try to accomplish too much. If you start a complicated project and you get to the middle of it only to find out you cannot finance it all the way through, you will need to pause everything for an unknown period.

Some renovations are just not worth it

While you are creating the plan for the renovation, think carefully about the changes you want to make. Are they functional or purely aesthetic? Is your goal to do the project on a budget, or are you doing luxurious renovations? Are you making home improvements that will increase the value of your home or simply based on your personal preferences?

All of these questions will help you to prioritize the changes and be realistic about what you want to accomplish.

Renovate a home from afar without losing sleep about it

Remember that it’s not easy to renovate a home from afar. However, with the right mindset and guidance, you can do it. There is no reason to lose sleep about it; just follow this guide and plan everything. If you are not in a hurry, it is good advice to take time with it. If you try to rush things, you might make some costly mistakes. Best of luck in renovating your dream home!